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On stage at the 2005 S.J. Pride Festival The Strife-Malone Wedding Stacy's birthday

Welcome to the Kor Karaoke website. My name is Bruce Rogers, and I've been providing karaoke DJ services to the San Francisco bay area since 1996.

Lisa and Alex

I do parties and events all over the Bay Area, and do weekly shows at the King of Clubs in Mountain View and the Cat Club in San Francisco. The King of Clubs has been the first runner-up for karaoke in the Metro's Best of Silicon Valley reader's poll for both 2006 and 2008, an honor for which I'm primarily responsible. I can also be spotted about once a month singing for donuts at Psycho Donuts in Campbell.

Customer service

My approach is fairly simple: Provide good reliable equipment, keep a wide and up-to-date song selection, be professional and courteous to everyone, and always remember that karaoke is supposed to be fun for the customer. My job is to ensure it stays fun, which is in most cases a matter of paying attention to detail so you don't have to.


Since I have a top-notch sound system, I also do various related jobs, such as sound for weddings (a good set of wireless microphones and clean sound can ensure that vows, announcements, and dedications can be heard by the whole wedding party), and even on occasion live sound reinforcement for bands.

Please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss how I can help you with your next event. Or simply drop by one of my regular shows to meet me, and get an idea of my style - though do keep in mind that I'll be doing my utmost to make sure that your event is done your way, and not necessarily the same as a bar show.

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